Bookworms Get Started!

Hailee Hartford and Gavin Richards are interviewed by Stuart Hedstrom, Piscataquis Observer Reporter

Valley Grange Bookworms kicked off this year’s reading program with an assembly attended by PCES second and third graders and their teachers yesterday. The kids learned that a Bookworm will be at school every Tuesday and Thursday for a “one on one” with students who will read the book of their choice to a Granger. During the question and answer period some kids wanted to know if they could bring “more than one book” to read and they were clearly excited about the prospect of being selected as a reader. (Our goal is to read at least once during the school year with every student.)A WABI-TV5 newsteam travelled from Bangor to cover the event and learn what all the excitement was about.

Watch the story on the WABI website:

Third graders were reminded they will be making a field trip next week to the Valley Grange Hall for Dictionary Day–when all third graders receive their own personal dictionaries. Be at the Grange Hall at 1 PM on Tuesday, October 16 to share in the fun! (Parents of home-schooled third graders are encouraged to contact the school to arrange for their child to be included in the trip.)

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