Tips for Bookworms

Most Grange Bookworms are from the “See Dick Run” era! One of the things we learned quickly is that kids today learn to read a lot differently (and faster!) than we did. Then Literacy Coach Shelly Snow offered us lots of help and advice, some of which is reproduced here.

Parents! When you listen to your kids read, try some of this!

  • “Does that sound right to you?”
  • “Would that make sense? Does that make sense?”
  • “Read that again… get your mouth ready to start the tricky word.”
  •  “Does that look right to you?”
  • “You almost got that (word, sentence)… can you figure out what is wrong?”
  • “Check the picture… does it help?”
  • “Think about what makes sense and try that again…”
  • “How can you help yourself?”
  • “How can I help you?”
  • “Put the words together to make it sound like you are talking.”

Conversation starters and discussion points

  • “What is your favorite part of the book? Why?”
  • “Which are your favorite characters? Why?”
  • “Do you connect with any of the characters? In what ways?”
  • “What does the story teach us?”
  • “Why do you think the author wrote this?”
  • “Will you read this again?”
  • “What do you think will happen? Why?” (You can also offer your prediction.)
  • “Why did you pick this book?”
  • “What has happened in the story so far?” (If the book has been started already.)
  • “What did we learn from what we have read?” (It can also be fun to tell the reader what you learned… the kids seem to enjoy feeling that they are helping us learn and enjoy things.)
  • “Would you suggest this book to a classmate? Why? Why not?”
  • “Do you think others would find this interesting? Why? Why not?”
  • “What are a couple of things you remember from reading today?” (Especially good with non-fiction books.)

Try to think of your readers as little adults… just talk with them… be interested in them and what they are learning… and find lots of opportunities to encourage them and make them feel good about reading!

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