Lap Quilts and Afghans for Veterans

Valley Grange is a proud supporter of the Community Health and Counseling Service’s Presentation honoring Veterans as part their hospice program. The program includes the formal presentation of a pin, certificate, and patriotic lap quilt or Afghan attended by Chaplain Char Chandler-Stevens, a representative of the military, and family and friends. Our support includes promoting the program and encouraging quilters and crocheters to help supply the lap quilts and Afghans.

Chaplain Charyl Explains “I work in our Hospice as the chaplain. When someone is dying it is truly a special and often challenging season of life. They have a lot to process in those last few weeks and months.

 The sad part is that the client experiences loss after loss. They lose their independence. They lose their ability to get outdoors. They say one goodbye after another to people they love.

However, CHCS New Hope Hospice has a ray of light to offer in their darkening world. We do a “We Honor Veterans” service for these brave souls. Members of the Hospice Team invite another soldier and we show up and do a ceremony to thank the veteran for their service in front of their family and friends. 

For one brief moment, they forget they are dying and they are celebrated. 

During the ceremony, we present them with a pin, a certificate, and a patriotic lap quilt. These items are cherished long beyond the veteran’s life. I have had families tell me how they sent the quilt to the daughter who did not make it in time, because her dad died cuddling that quilt. 

This ceremony brings more smiles than anything else we do as hospice providers. Instead of loss after loss, we provide these wonderful men and women with a gift: The gift of respect and the gift of honor. And we leave them with the gift they can hang onto–the quilt made with your loving hands.. Please help us to bring this ray of light to their narrowing world.”


We’re told that 50″ by 60″ is a good size. As for color and style, “Either red white, and blue, or even ones themed by the branch of the service are wonderful. We have had some in the past that were made with Army material or Marines etc. The red white and blue are universal and VERY well received. We save the Army or Marine-themed ones for someone who has either retired from that branch or has a big identity with that branch.”


(Be sure to include a slip of paper with your name, Grange or other organization information, and mailing address.)

Contact Mary or Walter to drop off at Valley Grange or arrange for pickup in the Guilford Area, or drop off at a CHCS Office.

Community Health and Counseling Office Drop-off Locations

24 Stone Street, Suite 201
52 Christian Ridge Road
30 High Street
42 Cedar Street
2 Water Street, Office #2
201 Main Street
7 Hatch Drive, Suite 120
313 Enfield Road
15 Kids Corner
1093 W. Main Street
Dover Foxcroft



(Thanks to Kate Blanchard for her assistance with resources!)

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