Pomona Info

Grange is truly a grassroots organization based on community or “subordinate” Granges. These community Granges unite in what has historically been called a “Pomona.” In the earliest days, Pomonas were defined by county but have over time evolved into a more demographic arrangement. The Pomona does not have a physical location, but rather meets on a rotating basis at local Grange halls.

Piscataquis Pomona Contacts

  • Master/President: William Bemis 924-3537
  • Overseer/Vice President: Walter Boomsma 876-4131
  • Secretary: Mary Annis 564-0820
  • Lecturer/Program Director: Dave Pearson 924-5035

Sign up for the Pomona Patter Email List! You’ll get patter (news) once or twice a month about what the Pomona and area Granges are up to!

Pomona Bylaw Revision — Meeting Change Review this before our August 2017 meeting!

Pomona Directory of Granges Fall 2017 is a Directory of Granges includes information we have about Granges in the area: meeting times, master and secretary with contact information, and a schedule of Pomona meetings and locations. Updated August, 2017.

Summertime and the Livin’ is Grangey  includes a list of 2017 summer events around the Pomona.

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