Bookworm Schedule — May 2014

Reading is fun!“What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid squares of paper unfolds world after world after world, worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet or excite you. Books help us understand who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean; they show us how to live and die.”

— Anne Lamott

It’s May! It’s May! The lovely month of May!

Thursday, May 1 – Mrs. Lander will be at school to read, 9 AM Don’t forget the Fifth Grade Play at 7 PM in the PCES Cafeteria at 7 PM! Most bookworms will also be at the Grange Hall to help with our second day of painting and serve lunch to the Helping Hands Crew at 11:30!

Friday, May 2 – Bookworms and Grange members should attend the Valley Grange Business Meeting at 7 PM. Come a little early to help with clean up from painting!

Saturday, May 3 – Valley Grange hosts a DUV Meeting… the public is invited to drop by at 2

Tuesday, May 6 – Mrs. Bosworth will be at school to read, 9 AM

Thursday, May 8 – Mr. Lange will be at school to read, 9 AM

Tuesday, May 13 – Mrs. Bosworth will be at school to read, 9 AM

Thursday, May 15 – Mr. Lange will be at school to read, 9 AM–this is also Art Show Day at PCES!

Friday, May 16 – Valley Grange Community Night! Potluck Supper at 6 PM, meeting at 7 PM… everyone is invited and kids are welcome! Come see who is our “Community Citizen of the Year!”

Tuesday, May 20 – Mrs. Kimball will be at school to read, 9 AM

Thursday, May 22 – Ms. Erwin will be at school to read, 9 AM–Don’t forget the Third Grade Exhibition in the PCES Gym at 6 PM!

Monday, May 26Memorial Day… no school, but time to remember and honor those who served! Check local papers for parade and ceremony times.

Tuesday, May 27 – Mr. Boomsma will be at school to read, 9 AM

Wednesday, May 28 – Don’t forget the Grade 4-6 Concert in the PCES Gym at 6 PM!

Thursday, May 29 – Mr. Boomsma will be at school to read, 9 AM. (Note there is a school budget informational meeting at 6 PM tonight and the meeting itself follows at 7 PM.)

Arts Alive is coming Friday, June 6th!


Painted and Painting

Photo from prep day... what it used to look like!

Photo from prep day… what it used to look like!

Wow… do we owe a big thanks to the “Helping Hands” Team of seven who showed up ready to paint last Thursday! We got a lot done!

As noted earlier, the Grange Team did a great job with preparations that including moving chairs, taking down curtains, scraping and more… our motives weren’t entirely altruistic–we were hoping that we could get the bulk of the painting done in the day we had “Helping Hands.”

Thanks go to Grangers Jim Annis, Roger Ricker, Janice Boomsma, Pat Engstrom and granddaughter Heather for showing up to help on painting day. We tried to be helpful in part by staying out of the way!

So here’s the progress report and another request for some support. By the time the Helping Hands crew had to leave we had the ceiling and walls done plus one coat covering the trim. To our grateful surprise, the Helping Hands crew from the Mountainview Youth Development Program asked if they could come back and finish… and not only finish, but also paint the floor!

Jim, that's a painting cup--not coffee!

Jim, that’s a painting cup–not coffee!

So… we’ve schedule another painting day on Thursday, May 1st. In anticipation, I’ve painted the dear old Glenwood stove and picked up the additional supplies–mostly floor paint–the Helping Hands Crew took all our brushes with them to clean and return!

But I am “forced” to call on our Grange members and friends for some real easy help that doesn’t involve brushes and ladders. We did not budget for lunch for a second day of painting… and we need to feed these guys with HUGE appetites that increase as a result of hard work! So we’re looking for some help with lunch. If you can, please help by providing some sustenance!

Bear in mind, cooking is pretty much out of the question as the kitchen is in total disarray, so we’re looking for sandwiches… baked goodies are a special treat–last time we had brownies by Mary and “Seven Layer Cookies” by Janice… We could consider a crockpot of soup… Unfortunately, both Mary and Janice are not available for this party–Janice took special pride in trying to fill the guys up last time! Can we put on a “Grange Spread” for our willing workers? We’ll probably be feeding seven to ten people and lunch is usually needed around 11:30. If necessary, you can drop food off the day before–use the refrigerator.

Breakfast type snacks are a bonus–donuts, coffee cake, etc. We’ll get the coffee on and I already have “Sunny D.” The crew will probably arrive around 8:30 AM and work until 2:30 PM. Stop by and check out the work, say “thanks,” and offer your encouragement!

A preview of the finished product.

A preview of the finished product.


Valley Grange Needs Some Help!

figure_paintingWe are taking advantage of a great opportunity to have some “Helping Hands” from the Mountainview Youth Development Center come and help us paint our dining hall! Things have been looking a little tired and no one can remember the last time it was painted.

It seems especially important that we get this done before our next big Community Potluck Supper on Friday, May 16th! This is also the evening we’ll be announcing our 2014 Community Citizen of the Year!

We’re hoping we can get some help from the community! There are at least two opportunities to help and we have jobs suitable for everyone!

Tuesday, April 22nd is our “Preparation Day” when we’ll ready things for our painting crew. I’ll be at the hall in the morning and put the coffee on… probably around 10 AM since I have to pick up supplies first. Some of the jobs we need to complete:

  • Taking down curtains and pictures.
  • Removing remnants of tape, etc. from walls and woodwork.
  • Priming water-stained areas.
  • Removing cabinet and some door hardware.
  • Some general cleaning.
  • Stacking and removing chairs.

It’s not real heavy work for the most part and we’ll try to make it fun. Come for an hour or come for the day. If we get far enough ahead, we might even be able to start some of the painting!

Thursday, April 24th is the day our “Helping Hands” crew will arrive and the rollers start spinning and brushes start brushing . Our crew will arrive around 8 AM and we need help with cheerleading as well as some extra hands to help with trim, etc. Depending on how quickly things go we may need help late in the afternoon putting things back together–re-installing cabinet hardware, etc.

sweeping_the_floorIn terms of tools and supplies… we should have plenty of brushes and rollers (if you have a favorite, you’re welcome to bring it)… we may need help with things like stools and short ladders, a few scrapers, etc.

On Thursday, we are supplying lunch for the helping hands crew and all who help… pizza! If you’d like to help by bringing desserts or drinks, great! You can check with Mary Annis (564-0820) or Janice Boomsma (343-1496) regarding the lunch arrangements. Food can be dropped off any time after 8 AM if you can’t stay to help.

Speaking of help, we owe a special thanks to Lovell’s Hardware in Guilford for assistance with paint and supplies… and to Ray who is definitely the man to talk to if you’re considering a painting project!

For additional information about the project, email or call Walter Boomsma (343-1842). Remember, Valley Grange is located at the corner of Butter Street and Guilford Center Road.

Health Beat – April 2014


Dr. Lesley Fernow writes a column called “Senior Matters” for the Piscataquis Observer in Dover Foxcroft. Valley Grange is privileged to have permission to use her past columns for our  “Health Beat” Feature and for the information to be reposted to the Maine State Grange website. Address your questions or comments  to, 207-992-6822. Please note that information is general in nature and specific questions should be addressed to your health care professional.

Home Safety for Seniors

Aging in place requires a safe, comfortable environment that is adaptable to changing needs as people age.  Since aging is often accompanied by physical changes such as decline in vision, balance, hearing, reflexes, and strength, accommodations must be made to the home to allow a person to function safely.  Below are the top suggestions of experts that will help prevent injury.  The first several address the most frequent cause of injury:  falls.  In other articles we will explore more specific recommendations for fall risk prevention.

  •  Place frequently used items within reach. Never stand on chairs or stools to reach upper shelves.
  • Remove potential tripping hazards: electric cords, low-lying furniture (coffee     tables), area rugs, loose carpet.
  • Even out differences in floor heights from room to room by installing beveled thresholds
  • Footwear worn at home should have non-skid soles and be in good condition.
  • Check stairways for safety: treads that are secure, carpeting that is not loose or worn, even heights of risers, take care of any protruding nails, get rid of clutter stored on steps, install secure handrails on both sides of stairs, etc.
  • Install night lights in halls, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Don’t use chairs with rollers on the legs.
  • Replace handles on doors, cabinets, and furniture that makes grasping them easier.  Bar-shaped door handles are often easier with arthritis.
  • Use non-skid mats in showers and tubs.  Install sturdy rails in showers and a bench if balance is a problem.
  • Inspect walkways and driveways and repair any problem areas.
  • Light entryways, pathways and yards.
  • Install or inspect smoke alarms to assure proper functioning.
  • Check that small appliances are working properly and are in good condition, e.g., toasters, space heaters, blenders, coffee makers, microwaves, etc.  Use of such appliances can be dangerous if near flammable materials.  This is particularly risky in the elderly.
  • Post all emergency numbers in large print near the phone or on the refrigerator, i.e. emergency contacts, doctors, poison control. Program the phone with all emergency numbers and important contacts.
  • Store all medicines safely.   A further Senior Matters article will cover medication safety.
  • Install ramps outside and inside the home where necessary for wheelchairs.