Breakfast for Supper

Christmas Ad
Traditions can be great and that certainly applies to our annual “Breakfast for Supper” program every year. We also have some great treats as members and friends put together a smorgasbord of breakfast dishes that may include an Apple French Toast Casserole… crispy bacon… lots of homemade muffins… an egg casserole or two…there’s always plenty to eat but bring a contribution if you can. And you can even come in your Jammies–we’ll have the hall plenty warm and the warmth of the season will help.

Guests are welcome but not obligated to stay for our short meeting and Christmas Program starting at 7 pm. We’re usually finished and on our way home by 8:15 pm.

Do plan to join us for a relaxing and fun time! Questions regarding food arrangements can be addressed to Mary (564-0820) or Janice (876-4131). Or send an email to Weather permitting you can come by car, sleigh, snowmobile or if you live close enough skis and snowshoes!

Friday, December 7, 2018


Bookworm Schedule for December 2018

BookwormTuesday, December 4 — Mrs. Kimball will be at school for reading starting at 10:00 a.m.

Thursday, December 6  — Mrs. Kimball  will be at school for reading starting at 10:00 a.m.

Friday, December 7 — Breakfast for Supper at the Valley Grange Hall at 6 PM… come in your jammies!

Tuesday, December 11 — Ms. Erwin will be at school for reading starting at 10:00 a.m.

Thursday,  December 13 — Mrs. Orton will be at school for reading starting at 10:00 a.m.

Tuesday, December 18 — Mrs. Landerl will be at school for reading starting at 10:00 a.m.

Thursday, December 20 — Mr. Boomsma will be at school for reading starting at 10:00 a.m.

Happy Holidays to All!

Blanketeers Meet and Make…

When it took a while to get the heat working, the saying “Cold hands mean warm hearts,” was literally true for the Blanketeers who met at Valley Grange to craft Project Linus blankets. This session resulted in a dozen completed and more in process… Working on these comfort blankets for kids is a great wintertime activity that can be done at home in front of the fireplace. If you can tie an overhand knot and would like to help, leave a comment or contact Heather Burgess or Pat Engstrom.

Maine Granger Pens Book on Order

Communication Fellow at National Grange Convention


Photo by Karie Blasingame

There are many current Grangers who do not have a full understanding of why the Grange participates and carries on the many traditions that it does, therefore, Walter Boomsma wrote the book titled, “Exploring Traditions–Celebrating the Grange Way of Life.”

This book is not a manual expressing how people can become Grangers. However, it is an explanation of the many traditions and rituals that Grangers have practiced for 150 years.

A Granger of 16 years and a communication director of the state of Maine, Boomsma had been writing monthly columns about exploring traditions in the Grange for three years. Then he was presented with the idea of gathering all of the columns he had written and publishing them as a book. In agreement to the idea, Boomsma felt that it was important to revive the understanding of the many rituals and traditions that Grangers participate in because many individuals have lost their understanding within the 150 years of why they do what they do.

“My main example is the ritual of being mindful of when to cross and not cross between the altar and the Graces. Many Grangers do not know why this is a ritual and they follow it because that’s all they have ever known. The reason it is important is because it is a form of respect for women” Boomsma said.

So he decided to expand on what the mission of Grange is, the purposes that Grange was built on and showing readers that the Grange is more than a historical organization. The Grange teaches ways of life and how working through communities makes the world a more efficient place.

In Stowe, Vermont at the National Convention on Wednesday morning Boomsma will be holding a book signing. “The message that I want people to take away after reading my book is that the Grange has a huge opportunity to become more relevant through its rituals” and in order to fulfill becoming more relevant Grangers have to learn that middle ground, consisting of keeping rituals but being comfortable with  transitioning into modern-day styles, Boomsma said. Letting go of the phrase, “that’s the way we have always done it,” is the primary step of moving forward to letting the Grange flourish as an organization.

Community Supper Canceled–Sorry!

Based on the weather forecast for Friday, and with great regret, we are canceling our Community Supper scheduled for tomorrow night, November 16, 2018. It was not an easy decision… we were really looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating our community heroes.

We will be rescheduling… but with the upcoming holidays and weather uncertainties haven’t yet settled on a date. We’ll let you know!

Blanketeering on Saturday is still on at this point!

Kids Write…

SeDo Dictionary DayOne of the best parts for us is reading the thank you notes we get from the kids after a Dictionary Day. They are often very personal and sometimes even we are surprised at what the kids remember from the day! Here are a few of the notes we’ve received from SeDoMoCha third graders:

Dear Guilford Grangers,

Thank you for the dictionary and the feild trip. Hope we see you next year. We saw the news! It was funny when Miss Grant put on the soldier uniform. It was super fun to be there there. Thank you all for the fun day. We aprecheate it. Thanks Mr. Boomsma by the way we weere trying to keep you happy. THANK YOU!

Dear Grangers,

Thank you for the dictionary. It was funny when Mis. Grant dress up as a soldier. It was exiding to be on the news can we do this again some time. The gardening tools are cool. I wish they where a round still. The tools woud be help full. I saw Mr. Boomsma on the news. It was not boring at all. I hope you enjoyed this letter. Have fun with the ether classis.

Dear Grangers,

Thank you for the dictionary! Those were rely nice gardening tools! I alse learnd that if you look at the cameras you are not going to be on the news! That was awesome that we got to see the mail boxs. I realy like the dictionary. My brother still has his dictionary in fifth grade.

Dear Grangers,

Thank you for the dictionary. I can’t believe that we learned the longest word in the English Language! I bet the Civil War was long and not so great time. Are you doing this next year? I thought the gardening tools were cool. I hope you do this next year. My dictionary is still in good shape. Again Thank you! I really like the Grange. I hope this makes you happy there will be a drawing on the back.

Dear Valley Grange,

Thank you for the wonderful dictionaries. What I learned about is Corporal Benett and the Civil War. The tools you showed us, spud, the howl the shepard’s crook and the prune. Last but not least what I’m going to use my dictionary for to help me spell, help me find the definitions, help me not use the same words over and over and last but not least learn to do sign language.

Dear Valley Grange,

Thank you for my free dictionary! I use my dictionary to find words and definitions. When I was there it was so fun. When we learned about the spud, owl, pruning hook and shepherds hook. I was so happy when I got home I talked all about it it my mom and sister. It was so fun to be on the news.

Blanketeers Needed!

Linus Project

Read the whole story here!

Community Super Supper Celebration

Community Suppah

We recently hosted the Spirit of America Tributes for Piscataquis County—that included some 17 individuals and organizations (community heroes) who were recognized for their community contributions. Most will remember that Lt. Jamie Kane (Community Hero) was presented our Community Citizen of the Year Award last spring. Just this past week, Janice and I were present to see him awarded the Maine State Grange Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award. This also means he’s automatically nominated for regional and national awards.

There’s a lot of good stuff going on in our communities… and that’s one reason we’ve decided to schedule a free Community Supper on Friday, November 16, 2018. This will be our opportunity to celebrate our community heroes. We’re of course inviting our past Community Citizens, but we truly hope to honor anyone and everyone who in someway makes our communities strong.

In my closing comments at the Spirit of America Tributes, I pointed out that we shouldn’t be intimidated when people receive awards and recognition for service. People who almost absentmindedly pick up trash are community heroes. If you smile at people in the grocery store, you qualify as a community hero. Several folks commented at the close of that program that it felt so good to be reminded of how good we really are. So let’s do it again on November 16th! We’ll serve from 6 pm until 7 pm—unless the food runs out! All you really have to do is show up but you could also

  • Invite a friend or neighbor
  • Post the enclosed flyer somewhere in your community

Our kid-friendly menu will include baked beans, mac ‘n cheese, ham, and assorted drinks, rolls and dessert. The main dishes are being catered by Bill Bemis (Community Hero) of Garland Grange—he’s famous for his cooking!

While no program or speeches are planned, we will have boards available where people can write the names of those who are community heroes. We hope to fill them!

Thanks to our planned open house, people can visit our little museum and stay for a traditional Grange Meeting starting at 7 pm to learn more about the Grange.