Teacher Information (Dictionary Project)

If you are unfamiliar with the Valley Grange Dictionary Project, you may enjoy:

  • History of the Dictionary Project describes how the project has grown since 2005 when we first distributed dictionaries to third graders at Guilford Primary School.
  • About the Dictionary Project describes “Mr. Boomsma’s” personal experience with kids and dictionaries as well as a brief overview of the global nature of the project.
  • Synopsis of Grange Hall Presentation describes a field trip to the Grange Hall that incorporates some history and basic dictionary skills. While the pandemiccurrently prevents us from offering this, we hope to be able to again soon!

2021 Resources and Information

Here is a direct link to the YouTube Video prepared for 2021. The video lasts just under seven minutes. It describes Valley Grange and provides a simple explanation of why we provide dictionaries. The emphasis is on tools and the value of helping each other. The primary objective of the video is to get the kids excited about having and using their own dictionaries.

We have also prepared a parent letter which we hope you’ll send home with the kids: 2021 Parent Letter. (Downloadable PDF)

“Mr. Boomsma” is available to assist in any way possible. If you’d like, for example, to arrange for a virtual classroom visit, let him know! Send an email or call 207 343-1842.

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