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The Order of Patrons of Husbandry, commonly known as the Grange, is a great, family-oriented fraternity. The lessons of its ritual are expressed by use of symbols drawn from the field and farm home. The axe, the plow, the harrow and the spade are used in the preparation of the soil in spring, and teach us the lesson of faith. The hoe and the pruning knife teach us to keep our minds and thoughts on the pure and honorable. The sickle is used to gather the good crop, so that we might, from our abundance, dispense charity to the needy. The agate is hard and firm, a lasting example of faithfulness, and fidelity.

Some of the officer positions and titles are drawn from the old-time English estate: Master, Overseer, Stewards; some from mythology: Ceres, Pomona and Flora; and some from the world of business: Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Committee or Board of Directors. The following information was gleaned from a program developed by the National Grange. Officers listed are for the Grange Year 2010-2011.

Master, Jim Annis

The Master of the estate assigned work and maintained order. The Master of the Grange presides at meetings, represents the Grange at community functions, and facilitates the work of the officers, committees and action teams. The gavel is the symbol of the Master’s office.

Overseer, Pat Engstrom

The duty of the Overseer on the estate was to see that the orders of the Master were faithfully transmitted to the laborers. In the Grange the Overseer, or Vice President, assists with the opening and closing ceremony, and takes the Master’s place when he or she is absent. I also help the Master in appointing committees. My symbol of office is also the gavel.

Lecturer, Walter Boomsma

The Lecturer directs the entertainment and educational work of the Grange. It is my challenge to present a program that makes every meeting inspirational and meaningful for all who attend. As we share our talents, our interests, and our knowledge with each other, we all grow into better individuals and more informed citizens of this community. The symbol of my office is the scroll.

Steward, Kevin Annis

The Steward had charge of the tools and supplies on the estate. Similarly, it is my duty to keep the property of the Grange safe and in proper order. My emblem is the spud, an ancient implement used by Stewards in passing through the fields on the estate to eradicate weeds that might have escaped the notice of the laborers. May it remind all of us to remove dissention and strife in our Order and in our lives.

Assistant Steward, Roger Ricker

As the name implies the duty of the Assistant Steward is to assist the Steward in his labors. My duties include the opening of the Bible on our Altar, presenting the flag, and escorting visitors and dignitaries. My emblem is the pruning hook. The spear, beaten into the pruning hook, is emblematic of peace. May it remind each of us to assist in preserving peace in our Order.

L.A. Steward, Judy Ricker

My duties also include opening of the Bible on our altar, presenting the flag, and escorting visitors and dignitaries when recognized by the Master. My emblem is the Shepherd’s Crook, a symbol of caring for those who might be in distress or need.

Chaplain, Janice Boomsma

The Chaplain provided spiritual leadership for the families living on the estate. The Chaplain of the Grange participates in the opening and closing of the Grange with prayers, prepares an annual memorial service, and if asked to do so, conducts services to honor our Brothers and Sisters as they are laid to their final rest.

Treasurer, Walter Boomsma

Keys symbolize the trust placed in me as the Treasurer of this Grange. My responsibility is to accept the funds paid, deposit them in a timely manner, and disburse them according to the direction of the membership.

Secretary, Mary Annis

In addition to taking the minutes of each meeting to ensure a record of the history of this Grange, I communicate with community organizations and others as directed by the membership. My duties also include the collection of annual dues from each member, and the reporting accurately of the membership to the State Grange each calendar quarter. You can assist me with my work by reporting all address changes in a timely manner.

Gate Keeper, Brian Woodworth

On the estate the Gatekeeper’s position was at the main entrance, to prevent enemies from entering. In today’s Grange my responsibility is that of the official greeter for members and guests alike. Some Granges have changed my office title to Greeter. My symbol of office is the owl.

Pomona, Heather Burgess

It was believed by some in Roman mythology that Pomona presided over the production of fruits, and so growers appealed to her for protection of their trees and bushes for an abundant yield. No tree bears fruit unless it blossoms. May this fruit remind you that the good fruits of life, wisdom and usefulness, result from the blossoms of observation and study.

Flora, Cindy Woodworth

My office title is Flora, and it is my duty to remind you that the beauty and fragrance of flowers make life pleasant and teach us that there is another and better world where everlasting spring abides and never-fading flowers.

Ceres, Amy Larrabee

In ancient times it was believed by some that Ceres presented to mankind the great gift of grain upon which we depend to such a large extent for our daily living. The symbols of my office are the bundled wheat and the sickle, both are a reminder of God’s bounty, and our duty to gather that bounty, carefully and gratefully.

Musician, vacant… we still miss Merna!

Music touches the mood of people, increasing joy and happiness in good times, and providing solace in times of trouble and despair. It is said that God hears music above all else. As Grange musician I assist the Lecturer by presenting musical portions of the programs, play for the opening and closing ceremonies, and use my talents to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere for each meeting.

Exec. Committee: Janice Boomsma, Pat Engstrom, Roger Ricker

The Executive Committee is responsible for the custody of the invested funds of the Grange, and in conjunction with the Master, is authorized between regular meetings, in time of emergency or need, to act for and in the name of the Grange itself.

Agriculture Chairperson, Roger Ricker

The Agricultural Committee furthers the cause of agricultural pursuits and provides information to increase our understanding.

CWA Co-chairs, Judy Ricker and Pat Engstrom

The Committee for Womens’ Activities focuses on domestic skills such as cooking, sewing, handcrafts. These are skills not just for women!

Community Service Chairperson, Mary Annis

The Community Service Committee plans, organizes and promotes our service to the community.

FH&H Chairperson, Janice Boomsma

The Family Health and Hearing Committee promotes healthy lifestyles and practices and provides information and education to our members and the community.

Junior, Open

Legislative Chairperson, Jim Annis

The Legislative Committee is challenged to keep the membership aware of legislative issues at all levels of our government. While the Grange is not partisan, our heritage includes political involvement and grassroots efforts to promote our communities and agriculture.

Membership Chairperson,  Kevin Annis

The Membership Committee coordinates efforts to increase our membership through programs and individual efforts.

Publicity Director, Walter Boomsma

The Publicity Director is responsible for working with the media and community organizations to ensure the Grange receives recognition for its work and is viewed favorably. He or she also promotes internal communication within his Grange and with other Granges.

Youth Chairperson, open

The Youth Committee promotes activities for and with youth aged (13 and up) members and non-members.

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  1. Hi folks, a member of the farmer organization I belong to – Maine Highland Farmers, sent a message saying that the grange has provided a link for the organization. Thank you, your website is great and I look forward to meeting and hopefully working with grange members in the future! I work as coordinator in the Heart of Maine RC&D office located at the Penobscot Co USDA field office, we serve the tri-county area of Piscataquis, Penobscot & Somerset Counties.

  2. Walter Boomsma

     /  September 17, 2009

    Thanks for posting, Sue! I’m sure you know that the Grange has a rich agricultural heritage. “We love our farms and farmers.”

    Our regional level is called “Pomona” and as publicity director for Piscataquis Pomona, I publish an occasional email news letter of Grange events and items in the tri-county area. If you have news or information send it along for inclusion.

  3. Great job Walter!
    I will make sure I post your link on TheDailyME.com, but keep the interesting stories coming.
    Great job and we will keep you informed on the Dexter Creamery & Community Farmers Project, where you are all invited to attend our meetings the 1st Tuesday of the month.

  4. Walter Boomsma

     /  September 21, 2009

    Thanks, Judy… we now have TheDailyME link posted here as well! And thanks for the invitation!

  1. June Meeting Notes | Valley Grange #144

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