Wish List

Our “wish list” includes…

  • A new microwave and rolling cart would probably not be approved by some of our forebears, but it would really help with meal preparation!
  • A flag pole or wall mount so we can display the American Flag outside during events…
  • A light on a timer or motion sensor (would probably best be solar) on the side of the building where folks park
  • It would be super to find a clock-repair person to fix our old regulator!
  • Replacing our tables in the dining room with something a bit more up to date would give us so much more room and flexibility… we could do a few at a time and would need at least ten total.
  • We’re always in need of styrofoam plates, cups, and paper napkins.

Some wishes that have recently become reality:

  • A new directional sign on Route 15 headed west became a reality in 2016! Replacement of the sign headed east became a reality in 2021!
  • With special thanks to “Helping Hands” Youth Development Program and Lovell’s Hardware, our dining hall has been painted top to bottom!
  • Thanks to Pat Engstrom for assistance with new curtain tiebacks… and to Pat and Janice Boomsma for covering our tables to match our new colors.
  • Our stage has been painted and a projection screen installed. This was truly a team project and the screen was made possible through the support of our community.
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