Miscellaneous Projects Updates

ThanksMany thanks to Mary Annis for the big bag of hats and scarves she’s already knitted to the kids at Guilford Primary School. Wintah’s coming! This is an ongoing project… and also includes knitting for seniors. If you’ve got some busy fingers and knitting kneedles, contact Mary and ask what’s needed!

During our September Roundtable we reviewed items we will continue to collect and the list includes aluminum pop tops, Campbell’s Labels, Box Tops for Education, and old eyeglasses for the Lion’s Club. If you’d like to help, give your items to any Grange member or better yet, bring them to a meeting.

We currently are in good shape with pre-school books for our Literacy for Health program, but it doesn’t hurt to have some extras on hand. (We need new or VERY gently used books appropriate for pre-school age. These books are distributed by our local public health nurse, Karen Dolley.)

Free Gardening Newsletter

Check out the UofM Cooperative Extension Newsletter for Piscataquis County. Did you know that fall may be the best time to bail the manure to yer garden!? This email newsletter (you can print out your own copy) gives great local information and advice.

Grange Kicks Off Meat or Heat Raffle

Valley Grange has started it’s “Meat or Heat” Raffle as an important part of our fundraising efforts. Tickets are a measely dollar and you can win $100 worth of meat or heat–or cash if you can’t decide. (We’ll give the winner a check to the supplier of his or her choice.)

Tickets will be available from any member and the drawing will be held at our November 20th meeting. Proceeds help us with regular operating expenses and our many community service activities.

“Your Household Guide”

While picking up and poking around I found a fascinating book in the Valley Grange Museum. It’s called Your Household Guide and contains “1001 helpful household hints… selected from several hundred Walsworth Bros. Home Recipe Books throughout the nation.” The cover imprint indicates it was sponsored by Shirley Grange No. 413.

These hints are now over fifty years old, but some are timeless. Others are amusing. I thought I’d reproduce a few here for your entertainment and possible use.

Do not grease the sides of a cake pan. How would you like to climb a greased pole?

When bread is baking, a small dish of water in the oven will help to keep the crust from getting hard.

When painting indoors, slip a pair of old socks over your shoes. If paint drops on the floor, just “skate” it up.

Turn printed washables inside out on the line to prevent fading.

Buttons sewn on with dental floss will stay on longer.

Put a small piece of soap in your sewing basket. Stick needles and pins in it and they will run through cloth more easily.

Spinach may be the broom of the stomach, but sauerkraut is the vacuum cleaner. (more…)

Our October Events and Meetings

BookwormValley Grange Bookworms will meet Thursday, October 1st  at Guilford Primary School at 8 AM for this year’s introductions and kick-off. FMI contact Walter Boomsma at 876-4131. Bookworms listen to individual second and third graders read every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 AM.

Piscataquis Pomona Grange meets Thursday, October 1st at Valley Grange. Potluck supper at 6 PM followed by meeting at 7 PM. Meeting will feature a traditional Grange “Harvest March” under the direction of Guy Downing and a speaker from the Dexter Farmers Coop Project.  FMI contact Bill Bemis at 924-3537.

webstudentenc2Friday, October 16th at 9:00 AM third graders from SeDoMoCha visit Valley Grange for “Dover Foxcroft Dictionary Day.” Students will receive a short history lesson, tour of the Grange Hall, and leave with their own personal dictionaries. FMI contact Walter Boomsma @ 876-4131. Grange Hall is located at the corner of Butter Street and Guilford Center Road.

Monday, October 19th at 12:15 PM third graders from Guilford Primary School visit Valley Grange for “Dover Foxcroft Dictionary Day.” Students will receive a short history lesson, tour of the Grange Hall, and leave with their own personal dictionaries. FMI contact Walter Boomsma @ 876-4131. Grange Hall is located at the corner of Butter Street and Guilford Center Road.

Maine State Grange Conference is scheduled for October 15th – October 17th at the Armory in Augusta. For more information visit the Maine State Grange web site or contact Jim Annis at 564-0820

Valley Grange meets Friday, October 16th  for a regular monthly meeting. Potluck supper at 6 PM followed by  meeting at 7 PM. For more information contact Walter at 876-4131 or Jim at 564-0820.

Fall Grange Events Around The Area

The Grange is a fun organization… and that includes friendly competition and general playfulness. So far Valley Grange is the only local Grange with it’s own web site… We’re pretty smug about that! But our very first comment comes from “some one” associated with neighboring Bangor Grange… and he figured out how to use OUR site to promote one of THEIR events!

Actually, there’s a lot of playfulness in that complaint, because Grange is really all about cooperation. So while the focus of this site will be Valley Grange and it’s activities, where possible I’ll try to occasionally post what’s going on around the area… and even a little beyond. Some of these events will be fairly “Grange Specific” and others (like Garland Grange’s Public Suppers and Bangor Grange’s Concerts) will be of interest to everybody!

I’ll do my best to make sure everything is accurate… but dates and details can change, so it’s always a good idea to confirm. If there’s no contact information or you need help locating a Grange, send me an email  and I’ll try to help.

This is the schedule through November… (more…)

Dictionary Day Coming Soon!

webstudentenc2The Executive Committee recently approved ordering the dictionaries and this program is underway!  By the time we’re finished every third grader in S.A.D. 4, S.A.D. 68, and S.A.D. 41 will have his or her personal dictionary! Formal presentations are still being scheduled, but we have some exciting news… thanks in a large way to third grade teacher Mrs. Johnston, 63 excited kids from SeDoMoCha will likely storm our hall to learn about the Grange and get their dictionaries! How cool is that???!! We also hope to have the Guilford Group again… details and schedules will be announced as things get firmed up!

Bookworms Are Wiggling

BookwormWell, some of us are already wiggling with anticipation… for those who don’t know, Bookworms are Grangers who schedule an hour or so per month at Guilford Primary School to listen to individual kids (second and third grades) read. This has got to be one of the most fun and meaningful projects we do! If you can spare an hour once a month, contact Mary Annis and get on the schedule!

The October Schedule: (more…)

September Meeting

Our September 2009 Meeting is scheduled for Friday September 18th with a potluck supper at 6 PM (bring a dish to share). Our meeting will start at 7 PM and include voting in some new members… and a few other important business items. The “Lecturer’s Program” will be our annual Roundtable Discussion of the year’s plans, programs and projects… that sounds like a lot but bear in mind we just try to get the major items down with some folks agreeing to take charge and follow up. “Almost Members” are welcome. Bring your enthusiasm and energy!

Hello world!

Ok… this is a little experiment at this point. I wanted to “save” this blog name… there are other Valley Granges! Since this is truly a labor of love… it might take a while to get things organized. If you’ve stumbled onto this page, your comments and reactions are welcome!