Coups for Troops

coups for troops logoCoups for Troops is a program that to benefit US military families overseas.  We are accepting manufacturer’s grocery coupons—even ones that have expired in the past two months.  Clip the ones you want, give us the rest! (Please cut out the individual coupons.) Coupons will be mailed directly to deserving families on the Coups for Troops mailing list.

All manufacturer coupons (including Catalinas) that state “manufacturer coupon.” Printed internet coupons can be used by our recipients. Store coupons cannot be used (i.e. Target, Family Dollar, etc.). Restaurant coupons also  cannot be used (i.e. Olive Garden, Boston Market, etc.).

Commissaries will accept coupons that are up to six months expired. Because of the time it takes packages to get to our recipients, send coupons that have expired in the last month or two.

This is a National Program, adopted by the Maine State Grange. We are effectively a satellite collection center. Our coupons will go to the Maine State Grange Community Service Committee for forwarding overseas. The individual coupons are packaged in groups and sent directly to military families.

If you have questions regarding this program, contact Valley Grange Community Service Chair Mary Annis or visit the Coups for Troops website.


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