We have some dictionaries…

If you’ve been following our Words for Thirds Project, you know that we have switched to a new dictionary this year… thanks to the third grade teacher team from PCES for helping us make the decision last year (Mrs. Patten, Mr. Arthers, Mrs. Hobart)! This new dictionary is fatter, prettier, and much more “student friendly.” The kids and teachers love it! One item of special interest is that this dictionary was written by Mary French, founder of the Dictionary Project, to specifically meet the needs of third grade students. Another bit of interest is that it includes what is believed to be the longest word in the English Language–a word that contains over 1600 letters! (Ask a third grader to show it to you, but don’t let them make you try to pronounce it!)

As a result of this switch, we have a small inventory of the traditional red dictionaries looking for homes… I don’t have an exact count, but it’s at least 10 – 15. If you know a place where they will be well-cared for and used, let Mr. Boomsma know and we’ll see what we can arrange. They are in excellent condition and not out of date… the only reason we are not using them is it’s important for classroom use that all have the same dictionary. (Copies have already been placed in the local libraries.) Thanks for your help!

Bookworm Schedule December 2012

Reading is fun!No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.


Welcome to a very busy month! Be sure you take time to read!

Saturday, December 1 – 8:30 AM — Fellowship Breakfast for members and guests at the Valley Grange Hall.

Saturday, December 1 –  Barbeque and Bluegrass to benefit Piscataquis Santa Fund! Y’all come!

Tuesday, December 4 – Mr. Boomsma will be at school to read, 9 AM.

Thursday, December 6 – Mr. Boomsma will be at school to read, 9 AM.

Tuesday, December 11 – Mrs. Bosworth will be at school to read, 9 AM.

Tuesday, December 11 – PCES Grades 4-6 will hold their annual Christmas Concert at 5 PM at PCES… great opportunity for bookworms to show support and an entertaining community event! The kids do a great job!

Thursday,  December 13 – Mr. Boomsma will be at school to read, 9 AM.

Tuesday, December 18 – Mrs. Bosworth will be at school to read, 9 AM.

Tuesday, December 18 – PCES Kindergarten through Grade 3 students will hold their annual Christmas Concert at 6 PM at PCSS…. this usually creates gridlock in Guilford as parents and friends seem to make this the one event they don’t want to miss every year! Carpooling and arriving early are good ideas!

Thursday, December 20 – Mr. Boomsma will be at school to read, 9 AM. Early dismissal of school tomorrow and beginning of vacation!

Tuesday, December 25 – Hope you get at least one book for Christmas!

You’d Better Watch Out! You Don’t Want to Miss This!

Barbeque and Bluegrass!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


The Valley Grange Hall

Corner of Butter Street and Guilford Center Road in Guilford Maine

Barbeque served from 5 PM until 7 PM

BBQ pulled pork or chicken served on fresh Kaiser rolls with baked beans, coleslaw, potato & macaroni salad corn bread and a variety of home-made pies for dessert!

Bluegrass served from 7 PM until 9 PM

Music served by the Back Porch Bluegrass Band

 You’ll eat well, have fun, and help Piscataquis Santa as he provides clothing and a special gift for needy children in the Piscataquis Region. (SAD 4, 41, 46, 68 and Union 60).

Adult Dinner $7, Concert $5, Combo ticket $10!

Child (3-12) Dinner $3.50, Concert $3.50, Combo $5!

Children under 3 years old FREE!

You can download a Santa Barbeque and Bluegrass Flyer with detailed information. We still can use some elf helpers… For more information contact Walter Boomsma. If you can help with food and/or kitchen, please contact Jessica Davis.

Visit the Back Porch Bluegrass Band Facebook Page.

Student Asks, We Answer!

One student’s thank you note deserves an answer. “J” wrote:

Dear Valley Grange,

Thank you for paying for the dictionary because we use them. I was happy that you showed us things. How did you pay for the bus ride and the dictionary?

Dear J,

Thank you for writing and asking a question because that’s how you learn! We are very lucky to have some Valley Grange members who work very hard every year to raise money so we can give dictionaries to so many students like you. You met some of them during your visit. But the money really comes from a lot of people from all around the area who make donations and support our programs because they want to help you succeed as a student. They also believe that we can all work together to accomplish good things as communities. You can even thank your teacher and  your school because they are an important part the program.

We are glad you are using your dictionary and hope you’ll keep it for many years. We are happy you are learning!

Your friends,

Mr. Boomsma and the Valley Grange

Third Graders Write and a Teacher Draws!

Mr. Boomsma by Mr. Arthers

Third graders from Piscataquis Community Elementary School expressed their thanks for the dictionaries they received during their visit to the Valley Grange Hall on October 16… and third grade teacher Mr. Arthers offered his rendition of Mr. Boomsma in action! Here’s a sampling of what the kids had to say…

“Thank you for having us visit your Grange Hall and teaching us about the Civil War. I liked the pink day dress, the badges on the uniform, and the staves. I learned they are called the spud, the shepherd’s crook, the pruning hook and the owl. Most of all, thank you for giving us the dictionaries. I will use it for helping me with my spelling words, my reading words, and my vocabulary words. I like the sign language page. I also know how to do the whole alphabet in sign language.

Sincerely, HH”

“Thank you for teaching us about the Civil War and the pink dress. I really liked the golden sword and I did not know there were certain kinds of military salutes. I didn’t know that there were different kinds of dresses. The staves were cool, too. Thank you most of all for the dictionaries. I even used the dictionary for this letter. You guys are awesome! Thank you.

Your friend, TR”

“We want to thank you for the dictionaries. My favorite part was sweeping the floor. And searching for the words in the dictionaries. It was a lot of fun. Good luck with the third grade next year.

From P”

[The above letter might require some explanation… the kids sit on the floor for the presentation. I had them all “scoot” on their bottoms so they were a little bit closer and teased after they had that was how we got the floor clean once a year!]

“Thank you for telling us about the pink dress. I would like to wear a pink dress every day. Thank you for teaching us about the Civil War. My two favorite parts were the staves and the owl. He was so cute. The shepherd’s crook was awesome. Most of all, I liked the dictionary hunt, even though it was hard to find the word in the dictionary. It still was the best day ever.

Sincerely, MH”

“Thank you for teaching us about the Civil War and dictionaries and showing us the real uniform, (more…)

Thank you, Veterans

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.

~William Shakespeare


November 2012 Health Beat

Karen’s Kolumn is written by Karen Dolley, R.N. and Grange Friend… we appreciate her knowledge and her willingness to share!

The holiday season is right around the corner!  All is calm, all is bright. Not always!

Holiday related injuries like falls, cuts, bruises, and burns are increasing. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 13,000 people were treated in emergency rooms between November and December 2010 for injuries involving holiday decorations. Many of these injuries occurred due to falls from ladders while hanging indoor and outdoor holiday lights. Injuries also occurred while hanging other Christmas decorations. Other causes of injuries include cuts from broken glass ornaments and burns from candle fires and live tree fires.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the following safety tips to help keep your home safe this holiday season. If you buy a live tree, make sure that it is fresh. A fresh tree is green and the needles are hard to knock off of the branches. Tap the tree on the ground. A fresh tree should not lose many needles. Place Christmas trees away from heat sources like fireplaces, heating vents, and radiators. Monitor water levels in a live tree carefully and keep the tree stand filled with water. If you buy an artificial tree, look for a label that says “fire resistant”. Avoid sharp and breakable Christmas decorations and keep all decorations and trimmings out of the reach of children and pets. Keep burning candles within sight. Extinguish candles before you go to bed, before you leave the room, or before you leave the house. Keep all candles away from children and pets. Avoid placing candles next to items that can catch fire easily. Use indoor and outdoor holiday lights that are UL approved. These lights have met strict requirements for safety. Throw out any damaged lights. Never use electric lights on a metallic tree. Use heavy duty extension cords. Do not burn wrapping paper in a fireplace. Holiday wrap can ignite suddenly and burn intensely.

For more information on holiday safety, visit www.cpsc.gov. Have a safe 2012 Holiday Season