Synopsis of Grange Hall Presentation

This is a synopsis of the presentation used when students visit the Grange Hall to receive their dictionaries.. For a shorter presentation used when visiting schools, download the document Valley Grange Talks to Kids. This will be of particular interest to Granges desiring to start or expand an program.


  • To introduce students to a basic understanding of the Grange from a historical perspective and how the Grange’s values drive the Dictionary Program.
  • To create enthusiasm for learning and using their dictionaries together with some basic dictionary skills and encouraging students to “look it up!”
  • To explain and emphasize the Grange value of stewardship, specifically in caring for their new dictionaries.


  1. Welcome, Expectations, Introductions
  2. Visit with Civil War Reenactor(s) Creates a historic emphasis, noting the Grange was formed right after the Civil War. “Show and share” as reenactor(s) talk about the uniform or dress, what life was like, interacting with students and answering questions.
  3. Sixth Grade “Testimonials” (Optional) If it can be arranged, several sixth graders talk with the third graders about how they’ve used their dictionaries.
  4. Tools of the Grange is another “show and share” explaining the “staves” representing farmers tools and how they serve as reminders to Grangers.
  5. Rural Free Delivery explains what it is and that the Grange actually lobbied for it and why.
  6. “You have mail” Each class receives a letter with a word they don’t recognize. Dictionaries are needed!
  7. Distribution of Dictionaries Grangers hand out dictionaries.
  8. Research Class Words assisted by their teachers, sixth graders if present, and Grangers, classes look up their words. Teacher selects a student to read the definition.
  9. Review of Stewardship The last class word is “stewardship” so we can talk about using the dictionary wisely and taking good care of it.
  10. Dictionary Races Time permitting, we have dictionary races where students compete to see who can find the assigned word first. This helps reinforce the use of guide words, etc.
  11. “One thing you learned today” This is a rapid-fire review, asking the students to share one thing they learned from today’s visit.
  12. Thanks and dismissal.


  • The program is fast-paced, engaging and can be completed in 45-60 minutes.
  • We do not consider these public events. If, for example, a parent wishes to attend, we ask that arrangements are made with the teacher/school in the interest of safety and security.
  • Home-schooled children are of course welcomed if arrangements are made with the teacher/school.
  • Media representatives are invited. We ask that teachers assist with identifying any “do not photo” students.
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