Fellowship Breakfast Includes Treats For Santa

Grangers know how to cook and eat!

Our first annual fellowship breakfast

The hall was toasty; the food was great… and the fellowship was warm as Grangers gathered for their first annual “Fellowship Breakfast.” One of the highlights of the program was the gift table for our Piscataquis Santa.. There wasn’t any cookies and milk, but there was quite a pile of assorted gifts! One of the sounds of Christmas for Grangers is clicking needles! Many of the gifts were hand-made mittens and hats… there were lots of books and some stuffed bears… It took Tim and Susan a few trips to “load up” for delivery on Monday. Thanks to all who helped… and remember–it’s not too late!

Laura Pratt reported during the meeting that she had knitted mittens for everybody in her grandson’s class and was thoroughly enjoying the thank-you notes from the kids and teacher… it does seem like everyone has the Christmas Spirit! Our program for the morning included folks sharing special memories or Christmas stories… we had a few wet eyes and a lot of warm feelings.

I’ve called this our FIRST annual fellowship breakfast because I suspect it will become a tradition. We had fun cooking together, working together, and sharing memories and thoughts! Isn’t that an important part of Christmas? Shouldn’t spend some time with family and friends… cooking (and eating!) together and working together and sharing together?

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