Farms Down, Product Value Up…

Here’s an interesting fact or two from the most receent Cooperative Extension Service Farming Newsletter:

The 2007 Census of Agriculture has just released the information gained from the survey of farms in 2007.  While Piscataquis County lost 5% of its farms (we have 190 farms) the market value of products sold was up 69% to almost $6.5 million or an average of $34,179 per farm (35% from sales of crops and 65% from sales of livestock and livestock products). 

63 farms had less than $1,000 in sales and 15 had more than $100,000 in sales.  To view the Piscataquis County Profile for the 2007 Census of Agriculture go to:

Another great little article leads local producers to a web site where local (Maine) produce can be listed for sale and located. I haven’t checked it out yet, but it sounds like a good resource for area farmers.

As a reminder, the Piscataquis County Extension Service publishes two great news letters: one for farmers and one for gardners. You can find access to both through the Extension Service Website.