Piscataquis Santa Update

The list is long. I need help!

As we say in Maine, “We’re gainin’!” As of this morning, out of over 650 children’s wishes, only 65 are left unmet! So let’s take a moment for a collective cheer, some applause and pats on the back… and then get right back to work.

Practically speaking, we have less than a week left. You can still visit the web site or call Sheree Brown at 564-7116 to adopt a “whole” kid… or just donate a gift and Santa’s helpers will match it up to a needy child. There are lots of drop-off locations… too many to list here, but you almost can’t go anywhere without seeing one. If you aren’t seeing one, check the Piscataquis Santa web site.

Speaking of checking the site… I scanned the list this morning. There’s a seven-month-old little girl who only wants a winter coat… an eleven-year-old girl who likes to read… a six-year-old boy who needs ski pants and likes matchbox cars…

Excuse me… I think I’ll go shopping.

UPDATE: Last night (22nd) a news story on WABI-5 announced that the Piscataquis Santa met it’s goal and is serving nearly 65o kids! WAY TO GO, PEOPLE!