Bookworms Are Wiggling

BookwormWell, some of us are already wiggling with anticipation… for those who don’t know, Bookworms are Grangers who schedule an hour or so per month at Guilford Primary School to listen to individual kids (second and third grades) read. This has got to be one of the most fun and meaningful projects we do! If you can spare an hour once a month, contact Mary Annis and get on the schedule!

The October Schedule:

Oct 1 – Susan Burleigh
Oct 6 – Walter Boomsma
Oct 8 – Nathalee Marsh
Oct 13 – Walter Boomsma
Oct 15 – Susan Burleigh
Oct 20 – Guy Downing
Oct 22 – Nathalee Marsh
Oct 27 – Walter Boomsma
Oct 29 – Susan Burleigh

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