Dictionary Day Coming Soon!

webstudentenc2The Executive Committee recently approved ordering the dictionaries and this program is underway!  By the time we’re finished every third grader in S.A.D. 4, S.A.D. 68, and S.A.D. 41 will have his or her personal dictionary! Formal presentations are still being scheduled, but we have some exciting news… thanks in a large way to third grade teacher Mrs. Johnston, 63 excited kids from SeDoMoCha will likely storm our hall to learn about the Grange and get their dictionaries! How cool is that???!! We also hope to have the Guilford Group again… details and schedules will be announced as things get firmed up!

Bookworms Are Wiggling

BookwormWell, some of us are already wiggling with anticipation… for those who don’t know, Bookworms are Grangers who schedule an hour or so per month at Guilford Primary School to listen to individual kids (second and third grades) read. This has got to be one of the most fun and meaningful projects we do! If you can spare an hour once a month, contact Mary Annis and get on the schedule!

The October Schedule: (more…)

September Meeting

Our September 2009 Meeting is scheduled for Friday September 18th with a potluck supper at 6 PM (bring a dish to share). Our meeting will start at 7 PM and include voting in some new members… and a few other important business items. The “Lecturer’s Program” will be our annual Roundtable Discussion of the year’s plans, programs and projects… that sounds like a lot but bear in mind we just try to get the major items down with some folks agreeing to take charge and follow up. “Almost Members” are welcome. Bring your enthusiasm and energy!