Grange Leaders to be Installed at Valley Grange

Valley Grange is honored to be hosting the annual installation of officers ceremony on Friday, August 19th at 7 PM and the public is invited. For those unfamiliar with Grange structure, the organization follows a “grassroots” model starting with local or community granges also called subordinate granges. These subordinate granges are clustered into Pomonas–historically the Pomona Grange followed county lines, but over the years these lines have blurred with Pomonas now organized in more regional fashions.

The local Piscataquis Pomona includes Valley (Guilford), Garland, Dexter, South Sangerville, East Sangerville, and Parkman Grange.  The installation ceremony being conducted on Friday is organized by the Pomona with all subordinate granges invited to participate. State Grange Leader James Owens will lead the ceremony assisted by a special installation team.

In years past Pomona Meetings were big events–sometimes lasting an entire weekend with members “camping out” at a local Grange Hall. These campouts always featured great food–a grange tradition. While this year’s event doesn’t include camping, it does include a food opportunity.

In planning this year’s grand event, Valley Grange is collaborating with Penquis to provide an Italian Dinner that will benefit the Smart Starts for Student’s Project. For a minimum donation of $6 for adults, $3 for children 5 -12 (under 5 eat free) folks will enjoy a wide variety of Italian Dishes and a build your own salad bar.

The public is invited to either the dinner, the installation or both! This is an unusual opportunity for a great meal and to learn a little bit about the granges who are serving communities in the area. Dinner will be served from 5 PM until 7 PM (or until the food runs out)… Installation will begin at 7 PM. Come join your friends and neighbors!


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