A Few Changes to the Site…

Regular visitors will find a few small changes to the site… being a bit “laid up” for a week or so gave me some extra computer time! There have been some “behind the scenes” changes that won’t be apparent and most people would find fairly boring. Suffice it to say that WordPress (the software that makes this possible) has been making some great enhancements — some make the job easier, some make the site better. Considering how much this all costs (nothing!) it’s a pretty amazing package.

One noticeable change should be “sharing buttons” at the bottom of posts and pages. These buttons will (hopefully!) allow you to share a post or page with others… for example, if you click the “Facebook” button, you’ll be calling attention to that post on Facebook. (I am not a huge Facebook user, but recognize that a lot of people do spend time there.) Some of the less popular social networking programs can be found under the “more” button.

Feel free to comment regarding this… or any other feedback you’d like to offer regarding the site and what’s posted here!


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