River Festival Fun!

Plans are underway… if you’d like to help us with baked goods, please contact Janice Boomsma (876-4131) or Pat Engstom (564-8290). We’re looking for individual portions of things like cookies and brownies. This will be a fun day!

River Festival 2011

We’re ready!

If we look a little “limp” in the photo it’s because we set up right after the rain stopped… but the sun came out and we ended up with a great day!

We provided over 300 balloons–most at no charge–to a lot of happy kids. We say “most” because Nat Marsh figured out that some kids were coming back claiming they’d lost their balloon-but they’d really been using them to do that squeaky voice thing. As a result of Nat’s powers of observation, we “sold” some big kid balloons and collected $14 in the Smart Starts Collection can. We also gave away lots of information slips about our Italian Dinner later this month and talked to a few people about Grange Membership. Our 50/50 netted us $18.50 but also must have set some kind of record because the winner was all the way from Washington State!

We learned a lot about balloon blowing… and “lost” our share to the wind… got to check up on a few of our bookworm buddies and their summer reading efforts… and see some old friends and make a few new ones. We made a lot of kids happy and proved that Valley Grange is alive and well in Guilford! (And who knows where else… some of those balloons looked like they were going to sail pretty far away… )

Special thanks to booth workers Roger and Judy, Floyd and Nathalee, Linda and Bob, Janice… and to Jim and Mary for showing up super early to help with set up… and to an unnamed strapping young fellow who proved he could unload our helium tank for us single-handedly… and to the young lady from Parkman Grange who provided the “motivation” to Bob and Jim to reload it almost as quickly at the end of the day. How can helium–lighter than air–weigh so much!?