Parade of Pirates FAQ

How does this parade work?

Actually, quite simply! We are keeping things as simple as possible–we will not “line up” as such, we are just encouraging people to show up between 1:00 – 1:30 and drive through the campus. There will be folks helping to keep traffic flowing. Please review the parade guidelines.

Will we be safe?

A few basic guidelines and some common sense make participating as safe as possible. We will be respecting social distancing and encouraging the use of facemasks. Unfortunately, we must respectfully insist that “paraders” remain in their vehicles at all times. Safe and slow driving on campus is also a must.

Who can participate?

Just about anyone… as long is they are in a vehicle (no bicycles or atvs, please) This is both a community and school event and is not limited to parents and students. If you love our community and the treasures in it, be a pirate! We’d love to see other community organizations represented… businesses… maybe we’ll even see a firetruck or two?

Why is Valley Grange sponsoring this?

Primarily, because we think it’s important to remember the treasures we have, not just the things we are missing because of COVID-19. Our communities and schools are a great place to live and learn! That’s worth celebrating! We also want to provide our kids with some sense of closure–the last day of school may be bittersweet, it’s also exciting!

How can I help?

By decorating your vehicle–even that’s optional as long as you are wearing a smile–and driving through the SAD 4 Campus between 1:00 – 1:30 pm. You can also help us “get the word out” by inviting others to join!

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