Help a Hero

Troop SupportCommunity Service Director Mary Annis has been advised there is an acute shortage of disposable razors at Togus VA Center—so much so that our heroes are shaving every other day to conserve! (Is there a man among us who has not suffered the results of shaving with a dull razor? OW!) So, let’s see how many packages we can come up by our next meeting (February 20)! Bring ‘em to the meeting… or get them to someone who is coming. Janice is going to see if she can get the folks at the college to help out… what organizations are you involved in that would be willing to help? (I thought about linking this to Coups for Troops, but the idea of kids bringing razors to school doesn’t seem quite right!) If you aren’t coming to the meeting, give them to someone who is! There’s also a need for hairbrushes for the ladies… for some reason they have plenty of combs… This doesn’t seem to be something we need to create a program for… we just need to get it done! You can be a collection center… just get donations to the Grange Hall or Mary Annis… let’s see what we can do! Let’s get the word out and get collecting! Thanks!