Valley Grange Wins Big!

We are still admiring the new dining hall look… and the new curtain tiebacks… not to mention that the lights are all on upstairs… We have been so fortunate to get a lot of help with “fixin’ up” our hall! But it didn’t all come entirely free… we’ve spent some significant dollars on materials and supplies. And we’ve had to buy oil—it’s typically only every eighteen months, but it’s a significant expense for us. So it’s time to “pump up” the treasury a bit!

Who knows how much you could win?

Who knows how much you could win?

You Could Win Big!

With thanks to Linda Erwin for the idea, we’re embarking an exciting fundraiser… the 101 Raffle! There will only be one winner, and we really aren’t sure how much he or she will win ultimately—it could be BIG! The winner gets 101 Scratch Lottery Tickets!! So a one dollar ticket could win you 101 chances to win big! The drawing will be held during our Italian Buffet public supper in August. (Download Italian Buffet Supper Flyer with more information–you won’t want to miss this annual treat!) The winner need not be present to win, but must be at least 18 years old since lottery tickets are involved. Linda and Janice will be pushing tickets big time… decide how many you will take to sell and how many you will buy for yourself! Tickets are packed in books of five… and are just about ready for distribution.  Call Linda (876-4241) or Janice (876-4131) to get yours… or plan to pick them up at our meeting on June 20!

101 Raffle

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