Painted and Painting

Photo from prep day... what it used to look like!

Photo from prep day… what it used to look like!

Wow… do we owe a big thanks to the “Helping Hands” Team of seven who showed up ready to paint last Thursday! We got a lot done!

As noted earlier, the Grange Team did a great job with preparations that including moving chairs, taking down curtains, scraping and more… our motives weren’t entirely altruistic–we were hoping that we could get the bulk of the painting done in the day we had “Helping Hands.”

Thanks go to Grangers Jim Annis, Roger Ricker, Janice Boomsma, Pat Engstrom and granddaughter Heather for showing up to help on painting day. We tried to be helpful in part by staying out of the way!

So here’s the progress report and another request for some support. By the time the Helping Hands crew had to leave we had the ceiling and walls done plus one coat covering the trim. To our grateful surprise, the Helping Hands crew from the Mountainview Youth Development Program asked if they could come back and finish… and not only finish, but also paint the floor!

Jim, that's a painting cup--not coffee!

Jim, that’s a painting cup–not coffee!

So… we’ve schedule another painting day on Thursday, May 1st. In anticipation, I’ve painted the dear old Glenwood stove and picked up the additional supplies–mostly floor paint–the Helping Hands Crew took all our brushes with them to clean and return!

But I am “forced” to call on our Grange members and friends for some real easy help that doesn’t involve brushes and ladders. We did not budget for lunch for a second day of painting… and we need to feed these guys with HUGE appetites that increase as a result of hard work! So we’re looking for some help with lunch. If you can, please help by providing some sustenance!

Bear in mind, cooking is pretty much out of the question as the kitchen is in total disarray, so we’re looking for sandwiches… baked goodies are a special treat–last time we had brownies by Mary and “Seven Layer Cookies” by Janice… We could consider a crockpot of soup… Unfortunately, both Mary and Janice are not available for this party–Janice took special pride in trying to fill the guys up last time! Can we put on a “Grange Spread” for our willing workers? We’ll probably be feeding seven to ten people and lunch is usually needed around 11:30. If necessary, you can drop food off the day before–use the refrigerator.

Breakfast type snacks are a bonus–donuts, coffee cake, etc. We’ll get the coffee on and I already have “Sunny D.” The crew will probably arrive around 8:30 AM and work until 2:30 PM. Stop by and check out the work, say “thanks,” and offer your encouragement!

A preview of the finished product.

A preview of the finished product.