Thank you, Valley Grange!

Photo by Bob Carroll

Photo by Mr. Carroll

Here’s a sampling of some thank you notes we’ve received from third graders…

Thanks VERY VERY much for the dictionaries. I love them. I used them for hard words and to spell words that is all I use them for. I do not play with them because I do not want it to end up like my brothers dictionary. Once again thank you.

Hmmm… what do you suppose happened to brother’s?

Thanks for the dictionary and thank Miss Mary and Captain Battick for telling me about the Civil War and about how they used to wear back then and the whistle and sword that you showed to us at the Grange.

Thank you for the dictionaries that must be hard to get the money to get all those dictionaries. That house that place is cool. I wonder why can they not show their elbows. Please write back.

Miss Mary explained to the children that showing your ankles and elbows was considered very bad in the Civil War Era. I guess by today’s standards one would wonder…

Photo by Mr. Boomsma

Photo by Mr. Boomsma

The dictionaries are working well for our class. We’re using them to spell check and spell words as well. We’re using them to find what they mean. It is fun using them. The whole class is using them. Tell your Civil War Friends thanks for coming and telling us about the… But even in this letter I used the dictionaries.

Thank you so much for the student dictionary. My favorite part was learning about farming and what tools they used. I learned many things. One is learning about the Civil War. Another thing was learning about you people at the Grange. and I wanted to know if you guys have lots of fun. Hey, Mr. Boomsma, did you know that I used to go to Guilford and I read with you. Again, thank you very much.

How cool is it that this young lady remembers reading with me last year!? It’s awesome to hear things like this and realize how much our efforts mean to these kids!

Thank you for the dictionary… if you’re wondering who (name) is, she was the girl with a bunch of braids in her hair!

I don’t know why, but this one cracks me up. Remember me?!

Thank you for the dictionary. I have never ever had a dictionary in my life and I’m really glad to have one.

Thank you for the dictionaries. We all like the dictionaries. At my house I put my dictionary on my dresser so my dog can not get it. I use my dictionary a lot.

It was bad enough that we used to use the excuse “the dog ate my homework…” but the dog ate my dictionary?

Thank you so much for the dictionaries. I love the different stuff that is in them like the sign language. I’m going to use my dictionary every time I get stuck on a word or I don’t know how to spell. I’ll keep my dictionary sometimes in my desk and at home just in case. I learned a lot about the navy officer, my favorite part was the whistle even though it was a little loud. But I still loved going there.

Photo by Mr. Carrol featuring Miss Mary and Mrs. Lander handing out dictionaires.

Photo by Mr. Carroll featuring Miss Mary and Mrs. Lander handing out dictionaires.

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