Be a Farmer’s Friend!

By now there probably aren’t too many people in the area who haven’t heard about the tragic fire that basically destroyed Fred and Karen Cookson’s Historic Shaw Road Farm. There has been a genuine outpouring of community spirit and support.

The Grange’s roots are, of course, agricultural and our organization has often been referred to as a “friend of the farmer.” I am pleased to report that East Sangerville Grange is working on a fundraiser and members have been finding opportunities to help the Cooksons. The needs are great and we thank East Sangerville Grangers for moving forward and taking action. I hope we’ll have more to report on that front soon.

Unfortunately, there has been some “misinformation” developing that stems from well-intentioned efforts and ideas for how folks can help. There are many ways to help—and many have done just that! The simplest and most effective is to send or bring a donation to the Maine Highlands Credit Union where an account has been set up for Fred and Karen Cookson.

Let’s be friends of these farmers!