“I can write!”

SeDo drwIn case you hadn’t heard, we’re “hitting the schools” again… this time with thesauruses, rhyming dictionaries, and workbooks for the third grade classrooms where we placed dictionaries last fall. This has been possible thanks to the hard work of Janice Boomsma who heads up our annual “Meat or Heat Raffle” to raise the funds we need to place a dictionary in the hands of every third grader in SAD 4, SAD 68, and SAD 41. This year we had some money left over so we decided to purchase these classroom reference books. A recent packet of thank you notes brought a number of smiles… one scholar promised to “use the books for the 25 days of school we have left.” (Yeah, but who’s counting?) and third grade teacher Mrs. Kennedy advised us “…this is their first time writing an entire letter (or anything) in cursive.”

It is truly exciting and rewarding to be part of the kids learning and development! And, did I mention it’s fun?!

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