Website Getting “Extreme Make-Over”

under_construction_pc_400_clrWell… maybe not THAT extreme… Ironically I’ve been thinking it was time for a “new look” and coincidentally was advised by the folks at WordPress that the theme we’d been using is no longer going to be supported. So we’ll be starting a new year with a new look!

All of the information that was on the site seems to have moved over, but it may not be in exactly the same places! It’ll probably take a few weeks of sorting and “tweaking” before the layout is easy to understand and things are easy to find. In the interim, be a little brave and explore! Be a little patient and let me know if you can’t find something or encounter a link or page that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do!

Also… let me know what you think of this theme… I chose it primarily for its clean look and ease of navigation–like all themes, it has its limitations. Thanks for your patience and understanding…

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