I Really Like My Dictionary!

Third graders from SeDoMoCha Elementary write…

SeDo drw

Dictionaries are cool!

I liked how you people had been so nice. I especially liked it when we did the race. Thank you for giving us those dictionarys. I really like my dictionary. I use it for a lot of stuff and I keep it in a very safe place. Thanks for everything.

Thank you for the small dictionarys. On the cover it looks like Californa is over flowing with lava. I’ve been trying to read the biggest word in Amarican history. It takes me twenty minutes to read every line. I think that word is in the language, gibrish. I also looked up the word dragon. It said that a dragon is a mythical creatur that breathes fire. The floor was realy cold when we sat down. The stairs felt like they were going to fall, and the Grange felt like it was haunted by ghosts. I at least had fun holding the farmers tool that Mr. Mowry had. I at least had fun standing in front of all the other classes. Have a great day.

Thank you for the dictionary. My favorite part was learning about the farmer’s tools. I learned a new word. It is patron. That means someone who supports to a cause. I really appreciated it. Thanks.

Thank you for the dictionary and for telling us about how the Grange was started. My favorite part was when you told us all the garden tools that the farmers used. I learned a new word. It is Patron. That means someone who provides financial support to a cause. I really appreciated it. Thank you.

Thank you for the dictionary. I will be keeping my book in a extra safe place. You are a very nice group. I will be using my dictionary a lot. I am so proud that I have my own dictionary. Thank you again.

Thank you for the dictionary. I plan to keep it on my bed, take VERY good care of it, and give it to my children and tell them what I did. I also plan to find a word, ask my sister Elisabeth what it means and if she gets each word right she gets a dollar, but if she misses one word she gets a nickel. Thanks again.

Thank you for the generous gift. I even looked generous up in the dictionary. I’m very thankful for the dictionary. I’m going to keep my dictionary at school so I can use it. I liked the tools. One is the spud, the other one is the pruning hook and the owl. I forget the other one. At least I remember three of the tools. I liked the tools. And I really wanted to read the longest word in the English language.

Thank you for the dictionary. I will always use it if I need to. And when I get home I’ll try to get my mom to read the 1909 word in the back. And at my house I like to write storys so I can use it all the time. I’ll make sure to keep it extra safe. And every night I’ll try to read the really long word.