We have some dictionaries…

If you’ve been following our Words for Thirds Project, you know that we have switched to a new dictionary this year… thanks to the third grade teacher team from PCES for helping us make the decision last year (Mrs. Patten, Mr. Arthers, Mrs. Hobart)! This new dictionary is fatter, prettier, and much more “student friendly.” The kids and teachers love it! One item of special interest is that this dictionary was written by Mary French, founder of the Dictionary Project, to specifically meet the needs of third grade students. Another bit of interest is that it includes what is believed to be the longest word in the English Language–a word that contains over 1600 letters! (Ask a third grader to show it to you, but don’t let them make you try to pronounce it!)

As a result of this switch, we have a small inventory of the traditional red dictionaries looking for homes… I don’t have an exact count, but it’s at least 10 – 15. If you know a place where they will be well-cared for and used, let Mr. Boomsma know and we’ll see what we can arrange. They are in excellent condition and not out of date… the only reason we are not using them is it’s important for classroom use that all have the same dictionary. (Copies have already been placed in the local libraries.) Thanks for your help!

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