Student Asks, We Answer!

One student’s thank you note deserves an answer. “J” wrote:

Dear Valley Grange,

Thank you for paying for the dictionary because we use them. I was happy that you showed us things. How did you pay for the bus ride and the dictionary?

Dear J,

Thank you for writing and asking a question because that’s how you learn! We are very lucky to have some Valley Grange members who work very hard every year to raise money so we can give dictionaries to so many students like you. You met some of them during your visit. But the money really comes from a lot of people from all around the area who make donations and support our programs because they want to help you succeed as a student. They also believe that we can all work together to accomplish good things as communities. You can even thank your teacher and  your school because they are an important part the program.

We are glad you are using your dictionary and hope you’ll keep it for many years. We are happy you are learning!

Your friends,

Mr. Boomsma and the Valley Grange

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