A “Different” Kind of Radio!

Actually, Internet radio has been around for a while–a somewhat simplified explanation is that instead of broadcasting over the airways, programming is “broadcast” over the Internet and you listen using your computer, smartphone or other similar device with wifi access. Internet radio stations can be started with minimal investment and, from a listener’s perspective, there are almost unlimited choices in format. One other aspect is that listening isn’t dependent on being physically close to the station—it’s possible to listen to stations that are located halfway around the world.

With that as brief background, I was excited to discover we have such a station right here in the Sangerville–Dover Foxcroft area. Founded and run by Michael Smith of Sangerville, Acadia Radio operates as a non-profit with volunteeers working hard to develop a “local presence.” The station has offered to run PSAs (Public Service Announcements) and news for the Grange.

Because of the global nature of Internet Radio, this means Valley Grange news will quite literally be heard “around the world.” The music format is described as “classic rock” and offers NPR news. Give Acadia Radio a try by visiting http://www.acadiaradio.net. (You’ll also find this link listed in the Local News Links section of our site.)


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