We Did Fairly Well!

Jim Annis, Judy Ricker (sweeping up), Roger Ricker, and Mary Annis putting it together.

A team of six spent a few steamy hours in the Grange Exhibit Building assembling the Valley Grange Booth on Wednesday. While the flowers are probably wilted, the results of the effort will be on display at the fairgrounds until Sunday afternoon.

Mary Annis is our organizer and cheerleader every year. This year the booth builders included Jim, Roger and Judy, and Janice and Walter. Thanks also go to Bob Carroll and Linda Erwin for “fair flowers.”

Our theme for this year was “old farm tools” and nobody got hurt hanging them up! We even survived Roger’s puns.

“…the choices products of orchard, farm, garden, dairy, and household skill…”

We did fairly well at the fair–the red ribbon on our bale of hay proclaiming we were judged “second” by the judges from Maine State Grange. Congratulations to South Sangerville on taking the blue! Garland Grange was unable to participate this year and we missed them! Is it too early to start planning next year?

The Overseer’s charge in the fifth degree includes that we “preserve and bring together for exhibition… the choicest products of orchard, farm, garden, dairy, and household skill… that we may incide one another to good works…”