Valley Grange Featured on “National Grange Radio!”

National Grange Radio is available in the form of “podcasts” on the National Grange Website… Programs run about 20-30 minutes in a talk show format on a wide variety of subjects. (They are referred to as podcasts because of the popularity of listening to them on I-Pods, but you can also listen on any computer, tablet, or even smart phones as long as you have Internet accesss.) National Grange Program Assistant Austin Miller recently sat down with Tracey Hanson, Junior Grange Activities Director at the Rhode Island State Grange, Walter Boomsma, Publicity Director at Valley Grange No. 144 in Guilford, Maine and Steve Runkel, President of Cape Fear Grange in North Carolina, to talk about the types of programs Granges participate in to get area children ready to tackle a new year of school. Hear what they discussed and enjoy the ideas. (When you arrive at the site you’ll need to click “launch podcast” at the end of the description.)