Pizza and More… that’s amore!

Valley Grange Goes Italian!

Penquis Volunteers and Valley Grange recently partnered for the second annual Italian Buffet to benefit the Smart Starts for Students Program. This event is a winner on a number points. For one thing, we’ve got two organizations who share a passion for the cause and a collaborative spirit. The food is incredible and the cause is one that people understand–we even had people drop off donations who couldn’t stay to eat. Penquis Volunteers served nearly 100 hungry diners and a few “meals to go,” raising over $500 in the process. But those who missed the dinner have not necessarily missed the opportunity to support the cause. Valley Grange continues to accept donations of cash and school supplies. We’ve currently increased the amount raised to over $600, thanks in a large part to the Piscataquis Pomona Grange’s recent decision to donate the proceeds of their recent “fun and fundraiser.” Please consider joining hands with us in support of our kids. We do have some pledges of and can accept actual school supplies, but we are so close to the deadline for distribution, “cash” is best–very soon volunteers will begin packing the backpacks and cash donations allow us to purchase items needed. Contributions can be made directly to Penquis or through Valley Grange.

Pizza was only part of the menu!

Special thanks go to those who generously supported the dinner: Will’s Shop & Save, Nor’easter Restaurant, Living Word Community Food Cupboard, Shiretown Pizza, Sav-A-Lot, and Forget Me Not Flowers.This is truly a community effort with unmeasurable support and effort.

While these local efforts truly remain local and benefit “our” kids, we are part of larger effort. WABI-TV 5 recently reported on the effort, covered by Diana Bosch in what is, unfortunately, her last story as she will be relocating to North Carolina. Diana has always reflected the stations commitment to covering community events in our area and will be missed. Again, thanks to the many folks who are volunteering their time and energy to help kids truly have a “smart start” this year with the basic school supplies they need. While the official fundraising drive ended on July 31, the need hasn’t stopped! If you need help making a donation, email Walter Boomsma or call 343-1842 today!

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