June 2012 Health Beat

Karen’s Kolumn is written by Karen Dolley, R.N. and Grange Friend… we appreciate her knowledge and her willingness to share!

After a long Maine winter, many of us look forward to the warmer days of summer. June has been designated as Great Outdoors Month! Presidential recognition of Great Outdoors Week was begun in 1998 by President Clinton. In 2004, President Bush proclaimed the month of June as Great Outdoors Month. This tradition has occurred every year since then.

Great Outdoors Month highlights the benefits of active fun outside and shared resources of forests, parks, public lands, and waters. Piscataquis County provides many opportunities for activity and recreation. These include walking, jogging, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, camping, and biking.

There are many benefits associated with outdoor activities. Decreased blood pressure, stress reduction, mood improvement, increased bone and muscle strength, increased energy, and helping to combat adult and childhood obesity are just a few of them! One of the most important benefits however may be to promote opportunities for families and friends to spend time together without a TV, without a computer, or even…..without a cell phone!

For more information, visit www.fitness.gov.

Get out and enjoy our Great Outdoors!


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