Ode to Friends…

Valley Grange Chaplain Janice Boomsma added a special touch to our recent Memorial Service with this poem by Betty VanDyke:

One by one they take that step
That takes them to Heaven’s Gate,
First Laura, then Jean, Marilyn and Merna too
All go to meet St. Peter the Great.
He looks in his book to see what they have done
In their lifetime–one by one.
He tells them all they have surpassed their goal
And now are angels to guard us all.
We shall miss all these friends, yes indeed–
And we look forward to the day
We will once again see
Our friends.

Fraternal Concern: Many around the area know Betty from her dedicated grange work… She’s still pretty feisty at 87 years old (and writing poetry!), but recently fell and broke her shoulder… remember her with a card:

Mrs. Betty VanDyke
Hibbard’s Nursing/Rehab – Room 18
PO Box 159
Dover Foxcroft ME 04426