Words for Thirds – Dictionary Update!

Even though distribution of dictionaries is long completed for this school year, the work continues! We recently asked a group of teachers to review our dictionary selection to be sure we are providing the best choice for the teachers’ and students’ needs. After a careful review of the books available , the team chose a different dictionary than the familiar red one we’ve been using since the beginning of our program.

The new one actually is more “kid friendly” and offers pronunciation help plus has better “guide words” and even more encyclopedic information in the back. We’ll be working on a transition plan for next year since we still have a small inventory of the red ones left. No doubt it will take a while to get used to the new color, but we believe this is a positive change for all involved. You can check out some of the details and see some sample pages here.

The March Dictionary Project Newsletter features an article regarding protecting children’s identity when photographing or filming dictionary presentations. Valley Grange is proud to be a trail blazer in this area and we especially appreciate the cooperative spirit we’ve experienced with local teachers and administration. The newsletter article refers readers to an article written by Walter Boomsma offering some suggestions for how presenters can document their presentations without creating issues for children and parents.

On a sad note, the Dictionary Project recently lost of their founders… Arno and Mary French started the Dictionary Project in 1995 and together they developed their passion into a global effort that has literally benefitted millions of students around the world.  Arno recently lost his short but courageous battle with cancer and will be greatly missed… Valley Grange has extended our sympathy to Mary. If you’d like to send a card of support:

Mary French
The Dictionary Project
PO Box 1845
Charleston SC 29402
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