No More Naked Sheep!

The yarn kept coming...Wow!

Our first yarn drive was a smashing success… we ended up with skeins, balls, and spools of many sizes, shapes and colors! Knitters Mary Annis, Debbie Burdin, and Pat Engstrom sorted and shared… and thanks to Mary and Debbie’s latest donation of mittens and hats, we delivered a shopping bag full to SeDoMoCha this week–just in time to beat Friday’s big storm.  Thanks to these “blistered fingers” we now hope to keep both Piscataquis Community Elementary School and SeDoMoCha supplied through the winter, then begin building an inventory for the Piscataquis Santa Fund! 

 We’re not through we can use more yarn and more knitters! Yarn collection bins are available in Dover Foxcroft and Guilford (see sidebar) and we continue to recruit knitters. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, it’s been said… so if you would rather be working for our kids and communities than for the devil, we’d love the help. Call Community Service Chair Mary Annis (564-0820) or send us an email. Thanks to all those who’ve helped so far!