We get thanks…

The kids really do love their dictionaries! Here are some thank you notes from the kids at Piscataquis Community Elementary School (SAD 4)… some of the mistakes are probably mine!  By way of explanation, the kids made a field trip to the Grange Hall and the visit included some information about the Civil War by reenactor Eric Boothroyd. We include some history, some information about the grange, and some dictionary skills.

Mrs. Patten’s class:

I really liked visiting the grange. Thank you for the dictionary. I will use the dictionary for spelling and writing. I liked the sword. I liked the owl and the pruning hook, the spud, and the shepherd’s hook. I liked the sword because it was sharp. I liked having to find the word with your class. The word was patron. It means a person who gives generous support or approval.

I love the dictionary you gave us. I will use it every day and on Friday it was so cool seeing myself on TV. It was so cool seeing the shepherd’s hook and the owl and the spud and the pruning hook.

Thank you for everything that you did for so many classes. Kyle is so lucky to get the 1000th dictionary. You are so sweet. I loved the sword and the dictionary. I will always use it to look up words.

I miss you guys. I really like the dictionary. It is very very useful, although I’ve only used it once. I will use it more than once. I promise. I also liked the man dressed up in the army suit. I mean I can’t believe I that sword was REAL. Anyway, I really liked the owl, spud, shepherds hook and the pruning hook. They were really neat. I was embarrassed when I had to come up and take the shepherds hook from Mrs. Patten. I think I was blushing really badly. Oh well, I’ll see you in 5th or 6th grade.

I had a great time. What made it a great time was the dictionary. I really like it. I like it because it might get me through the year. Out of the sticks, that was really cool. Kyle got lucky because he got the 1000th dictionary.

Thank you for the dictionaries. The visit was great. I loved the trip. I wish I could come again. I found China in the dictionary. We have been working on it. What I loved most is the sword because it almost made me faint.

The visit to the grange was fun because we got the dictionary. I could really use it because I am a really bad speller. By the way thank you for the dictionary. I always wanted a dictionary. My brother and sister have one. They will not let me use it. I love the owl, pruning stick and the shepherd hook.

We really appreciate the dictionaries you gave us. We will use them wisely like for writing time when Mrs. Patten says that we have to spell a word correctly. I learned that the grange was made 50 years ago. I love the dictionary because we can look up new words or how many presidents there are and what their names are.

I really liked the visit to the grange on Friday. Thank you for the dictionary. We needed the dictionary for our homework and the dictionary helps us spell words better. Thank you for the dictionary.

Thank you for the visit. We had fun at the grange. Thank you for the dictionary. We like it. We enjoyed the visit. I like the owl, spud, weed puller. Thank you.

Thank you for inviting us to the grange. It was nice for you to give us the dictionaries. The are very useful for spelling words and learning word meanings. I liked it when the Sargent told us about the Civil War. I learned that a patron is a person who gives generous support.

I really loved the grange. It was fun. I loved the sword even though it was fake. I liked his belt. I can’t believe that I got the 1000th dictionary. I will use it a lot and I will use it to look up information.

I really appreciate the dictionary that you gave us. I am going to use my dictionary a lot. I can’t wait to use it. I wish I could have been there but I wasn’t. I bet it was really really fun at the grange. I am going to challenge a friend to see who can read all of the words in it first. My mom said I could another time though.

Thank you for letting our class come to the grange. I had so much fun! Also, thank you for the dictionaries. They are very useful.

I like the guy that civil war. I like those badges. THey are cool. Plus I like the sword. I like the dictionary. And I liked the shepherd’s hook and the owl. Mrs. Orton got the owl. Kyle got the 1000th one.

From Mrs. Hobart’s class:

Most wrote something like, “Thank you for our dictionary. I love it!” and drew detailed pictures of the dictionary or some aspect of their visit.

From Mr. Arther’s class:

Thank you for letting us come to the grange. We learned about the civil war but thank you for my dictionary.

Thank you for the dictionaries you gave us. Also, thank you for teaching us about the farm tools.

I love my dictionary because when I reading a book I needed it to look up a word. Thank you for the dictionary.

Thank you for letting us come and for my dictionary. I had lots of fun learning new words, like husbandry.

Thank you for the dictionaries. I like the dictionary so far.

Thank you for the dictionaries! Thank you for that amazing show! I learned a lot about the Civil War! It was awesome! I am very thankful.

Thank you for the Webster’s Dictionary. I use it a lot. I will come back soon. I will be happy. It’s wonderful that you people help us in this school. Next year can you come here please?

Thank you for the dictionary. I use it often. I learned very much about the Civil War. I wish to see you soon.

Thank you for the dictionary and teaching us about war and putting us on TV.

Thank you for the dictionary. Thank you for telling us about the Civil War. Sargent Boothroyd and I like your sword. I had lots of fun there. Thank you Valley Grangers.


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