Valley Brings Home Blue Ribbon

Janice did her little victory dance… and all around the membership you could hear the smile of victory as the news travelled. (Yes, you can hear a smile!) Valley Grange will be bringing home the Blue First Place Ribbon from the Piscataquis Valley Fair.

A major part of our booth was devoted to a "sheep to shawl" demonstration.

This year’s exhibit featured a “sheep to shawl” demonstration and our 2010 National Community Service Award, along with a mixture of items, products, and information that the judges felt deserved the Award. Setting up the booth was a true team effort under the watchful and artful eye of Mary Annis assisted by Jim and Kevin, Roger and Judy, and Janice and Walter… along with appropriate heckling by several Garland Grange members and a few suggestions from unidentified passers-by.

South Sangerville Grange received second place for their display and Garland was a close third. A fourth (Pomona) display focused on the grange in general with specific information about each grange in the area. There’s still time to visit the Grange Exhibit Hall for a first-hand, up close and personal look!

Exhibits are traditionally removed Sunday afternoon as the fair closes, but the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene could impact Sunday’s activities.  We believe it will be possible to postpone removing exhibits until Monday and that may be both practical and safe! If we receive any official news I’ll either post or pass along by telephone.


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