We’d like to thank…

The obvious hazard with identifying specific individuals and organizations is forgetting somebody! That said, there are lots of people we’d like to thank for their help in making the Italian Dinner a smashing success–including every person who came!

A big thank you to the media for the stories and reminders… including WDME for PSA’s the day of the meal… and WABI TV-5 for a mention on the morning news! Thanks also to S.A.D. 4 for their assistance getting the word out… and to the many teachers and staff who came to support us.

Thanks also to local businesses for their generousity: Will’s Shop N’ Save, Shiretown Pizza, Save-a-Lot, and Penquis Rental.

And to Penquis Volunteers Kara & Tessa Jackson, Debbie Somers, Darlene Clukey, Jessica Davis, Ginger Hutchins, James, Madolyn, Crystal & Virginia Macomber, Joshua Brown.

And for food donations from Cheri Snow, Shannon Bonsey, Cindy Pullyard, Debbie Somers, Sheree Brown, James Macomber, Denise Trafton, April Sargent, Neil Greenberg, Kara Jackson.

A special thanks to Valley Grange member Janice Boomsma for her cleaning efforts–she did some nasty jobs… and for shaking the money out of attendees pockets with Tessa’s assistance!

One person who deserves a big thank you and round of applause is Sheree Brown from Penquis. When we decided to do this, we agreed this had to be fun and it was, from beginning to end! Her energy and enthusiasm is both boundless and contagious–she’s organized and gets results.  Thanks, Sheree for what you do and who you are!


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