Pomona Plays and Picnics

Over the river and through the woods… about thirty folks came from far and wide for the Annual Piscataquis Pomona Picnic at the Boomsma’s Abode… We think we had three Pomonas represented as well as a number of Granges and some “non grange” folks too! Harley served as gatekeeper, vacuum cleaner, and a source of occasional amusement.

We raised some fun and we raised some funds… the auction fattened up our treasurer by approximately $100 thanks to some competitive bidding on some unusual items. While Dot Hutchins of Ripley was after one item, she observed to her competing bidder, “Well, I don’t know you.” Cheryl Morin from Valley replied, “You will before we leave.” Auctioneer Walter reminded folks, “There are no friends at auctions.”

Valley Grange’s collection box for Smart Starts for Students got a little fuller… as did everyone’s stomach, thanks to those who brought a wide variety of “potluck picnic” food. The weather was perfect and we didn’t end up feeding very many mosquitoes. Thanks to all who made this annual event a success!

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