Smarts Starts for Students Starts!

It’s no surprise that Valley Grange members voted to support this great program again this year… obviously, we don’t know exactly who benefits, but it’s likely we’re helping some of our bookworm buddies!

For those unfamiliar, the program is geared to help families and kids get ready for school with school supplies for next year. The program is administered by Penquis and covers MSAD 4, 41, 46, 68 and School Union 60—last year some 428 kids were helped.

A complete list of what’s needed is available on the Penquis Resources websitebring your items to any Valley Grange event between now and July 31st to help out!  Pencils, erasers… the things you’d buy your kid are needed. We’ll have a collection box available at:

  • The Piscataquis Pomona Picnic on July 7th at the Boomsma’s house
  • Our July 15th meeting.
  • The Bean Supper and Hootenanny on July 22nd
  • Our informational booth at Piscataquis River Festival on July 30th.

That’s a lot of opportunities to participate! But wait, there’s more! You can also make a credit card or cash donation through the Penquis website. Note that cash donations go directly to Penquis–just tell ’em Valley Grange sent you!

More Bookworm Buddies Say “Thanks.”

“Thank you for reading with us one day a week so we can all get a turn reading with you.”

Books we've read.

“I love reading with you. I hope you like this card.”

“Thank you for taking time off your work to read books with us and playing with us on the playground.”

“Thank you for taking time out of your schedule and coming to our classroom and letting us read to you.”

Thank you Grange Readers for reading with us everyday. You help people read better and you are nice to kids.”

“Thank you for helping us with our reading. I loved reading with you.”