Wicked Huge Yard Sale Was Wicked Huge!

There was a "wide assortment for your shopping pleasure."

We raised over $850!!! Special thanks goes to EVERYONE who helped in some way… hauling and sorting… baking… talking it up… picking things up… negotiating with customers… buying things… buying things and saying “Keep the change…” Heck, we’re even glad it rained because we think that might have helped! This by no means makes us a “rich” grange, but we’re feeling solvent again!

We were totally mobbed for the first hour… and stayed busy most of the morning… even had a couple of people show up while we were packing up and cleaning up! The clean up crew did an incredible job… the only way you can tell there’d been a sale is we have seven or eight televisions and computer monitors left. This is an “ugh,” because we have to figure out a way to get rid of them! (They will work with a  DVD player or VCR.) We tried some  creative marketing techniques… “Buy a pair of boots for $2 and get a free TV!”  

Transfer stations charge at least $10 each  and there really is almost no market for older models.  We think there are “free days” occasionally and if you hear of one, please let us know! If you live in a town that allows residents to dispose of one free, maybe you could take one for us?