Suicide Awareness Bicycle Tour Starts Monday

Cheryl and Vic Morin

Grange Member Vic Morin and his friend Blaine Burhoe completed a cross country bicycle tour in 2004 and vowed to do something similar every couple of years. Unfortunately Vic and his wife lost a son to suicide the following year—a tragedy that was to change their lives in many ways and put those rides on hold.  The loss started Vic and Cheryl on another path that resulted in the formation of the JD Foundation which is dedicated to suicide awareness and prevention.

Vic and Blaine still love to ride and they are now starting a ride across the state of Maine to help raise funds and bring attention to the need to prevent suicide through training and awareness. They will follow a north south path that runs along Route 1 and hope to cover 40-60 miles per day, connecting with people along the way. They start in Van Buren on Monday and plan to arrive in Kittery on Saturday, July 2. You can find their itinerary and follow their progress on Facebook.

Valley Grangers are proud of fellow members Vic and Cheryl  and we admire their compassion and dedication. We’re hoping brother and sister Grangers across the state will help show their support for this ride. While the primary goal is to create awareness, they are also raising funds so donations are welcome. In addition, they are looking for places to stay (and an occasional shower) along the way. If your Grange is located near the route, why not make their passage something of a Grange event?! Don’t forget to invite the local media!  If you’d like to help in some way, you can email Cheryl at or visit the Facebook page.

Vic said they were hoping to find somebody with an ice cream truck to accompany them because “Blaine pedals a lot faster if there’s ice cream in his future.” They are also carrying squares of cloth bearing the names of suicide victims. After the ride, the squares will be made into a quilt that will be displayed at future JD Foundation events—including their HUGE annual yard sale scheduled for July 22 – 24 in beautiful downtown Abbot Maine.