Let it snow, let it snow…

I suppose if one were to analyze that song the conclusion would be… oh, like we have a choice? Unfortunately, “Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop,” just doesn’t work for the song’s purpose.  If I might purport to offer some snow day entertainment, years ago there was an “annotated” version of the nursery rhyme “Little Bo Peep…” I won’t try to remember the entire thing:

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep (How sad–and perhaps a bit irresponsible on her part.)

And doesn’t know where to find them. (How redundant! of course if she lost her sheep she doesn’t know where to find them! If she knew where to find them they wouldn’t be lost!)

Leave them alone. (You’ve got to be kidding… if she’s lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them… how can she do anything BUT leave them alone!)

And they’ll come home. (The basis for this optimistic prediction is… what?)

Wagging their tails behind them. (Well, it would be awfully hard for them to wag their tales in front of them.)

No, I do not believe I have a future writing nursery rhymes.

But I can announce that the Valley Grange Business Meeting scheduled for tonight has been postponed until next Friday (8th) at 7 PM. Come then… wagging your tails behind you! For this week, you have “no particular place to go… so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”