Fourth Grade NIE Winner Ethan Chadwick

Ethan Chadwick

“I came up with my idea when I thought about bookworms,” Ethan told us. “I’ve seen pictures of worms with glasses and books so I decided to use that theme for my picture. In third grade, my class went to the Grange Hall and learned about agriculture. At the end, they gave us dictionaries and that inspired me to do the wagon full of them. I thought it would be cool to put a slogan and the Grange Logo too.”

Congratulations, Ethan! And thanks… I will always remember the tough question you asked me when you started working on your ad. “What is the Grange’s product, Mr. Boomsma?”
You had me stumped for a minute, but I managed to answer, “Kids that like to read and learn.” And I guess I could now say, “Kids like you!”
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