Jump! Jump! Jump!

A sure sign of spring is when the kids start jumping rope on the playground and we can expect to see more of that next week following the “Jump Rope for Heart” kick off assembly at Piscataquis Community Elementary School.

The program has been expanded this year to include all grades (K through 6) and, while the emphasis is on physical fitness students may also be seeking adult support in the form of donations to the Heart Fund. If you know a student, ask him or her about it.

Coordinator Paula Bailey also says the program this year will include a “Memory Wall.” Students and staff will receive red hearts to bring home. They can put the name of someone who has passed away or who has had a heart-related illness. All of the hearts will be posted on a wall to create awareness.

The program culminates on April 14th with a full day of jumping and related activities at the school. Valley Grange is happy to promote this event and healthy hearts! (But I don’t think Bookworms will be jumping rope!)

Additional information is available at this website

Don’t forget… Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd through May 6th and this is just one example of the efforts they make! Thanks also to Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Allen and Miss Saponara for their efforts organizing  this program.